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Two words: wet dog. No one likes the sight, smell or feel of it. Did I mention the smell of it? Wet dog is definitely not on anyone’s list of favorite things. You can only imagine what it is like to be a wet dog and how uncomfortable it is for your pet to live that on a regular basis. Well fortunately for everyone, I have just the solution! Here at my shop, The Grooming Gallery, I offer a fantastic service that will dry up your pooch in no time; my highly requested service; dog blow dry in Sudbury, Ontario.

With over 30 years of experience in the dog grooming business, I have come up with effective techniques for proper dog fur drying so that your dog’s hair can look perfectly primped and polished even after a good soak in the pool. This service comes in especially handy if your time is short you only had enough time to give your dog a bath. You are always welcome to drop by my dog salon and I will dry them up quickly and safely using our state of the art non-irritating dog blow dryers. We blow dry any size dog with all types of dog fur; from the smallest pup to the largest hound.

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Here at the Grooming Gallery, my professional dog dryer is carefully monitored whenever it is in use. I make it my ambition to create a clean and relaxing environment at my shop so that everyone can be at ease. You can depend on me to give your doggy the best blow dry experience they ever had. Let me make your unappealing wet dog that you cannot stand to be in the same room for long into a delightfully dry one that you cannot get enough of.