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I have solved one of life’s greatest mysteries since the dawn of time; I know how to give dogs their baths! Yes it can be done and it is done here gracefully at my dog grooming business appropriately tiled, The Grooming Gallery. I view dog bathing in Sudbury, Ontario as an art form. You can consider my business as a dog salon since one of my favorite services I offer is good old fashioned baths with an elegant touch to your slap-happy companion. My specially formulated flea baths are guaranteed to relieve your faithful friend from all of those little annoying pests.

Your dog will come out healthy, clean, and of course, itch-free. I also give pooches effective oatmeal baths that help moisturize, soothe, and nourish their skin, which is the perfect recovery for a dog who just had a case of the fleas.

I have an impressive collection of tried and true premium shampoos and conditioners that I can expertly coordinate with your dog breed’s specific hair type or allergies. Here at The Grooming Gallery, I make sure that every one of my four-legged client receives all of the time, gentleness and efficiency that they need. Your dog will come out cleaner and healthier with softer hair and best of all, they will have so much more love to give.

The Grooming Gallery is an excellent place to take your sweet pup when it’s time for their washing. I completely understand how much time, energy, and patience it takes to give them a bath, which is why I highly encourage you to leave all of that hard work to me. With over 30 years in business, you know that you can count on me as your professional dog washer.