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Dog Grooming | The Grooming Gallery | Sudbury, ON | 7055606009
The perfect best friend is loyal, protective, understanding and of course, they are absolutely…adorable. Yes, you read correctly. I am talking about your four legged companion...
​Dog Bathing | The Grooming Gallery | Sudbury, ON | 7055606009
I have solved one of life’s greatest mysteries since the dawn of time; I know how to give dogs their baths! Yes it can be done and it is done here gracefully at my dog grooming business...
Dog Blow Drying Services | The Grooming Gallery | Sudbury, ON | 7055606009
Two words: wet dog. No one likes the sight, smell or feel of it. Did I mention the smell of it? Wet dog is definitely not on anyone’s list of favorite things. You can only imagine what it is like...

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Welcome to The Grooming Gallery

There is a reason why dogs are considered man’s best friend; they are beautiful and selfless animals by creation. So why not take them to a place dedicated in celebrating them by offering your loyal canine the utmost love and care? That idea is practiced here at my dog grooming business, The Grooming Gallery, now serving Sudbury, Ontario. I offer one-of-a-kind dog grooming and dog bathing services that will have your dog coming out looking and feeling super clean, healthy, and ready to take on the world. With 30 years of experience, I have acquired a deep understanding of what is best for your four legged buddy year round. I have perfected the most effective techniques that will not only help keep your precious pooch vivacious and presentable, but help make it enjoyable for them too.

The Grooming Gallery is not just your average dog groomer. With every service I provide, I pour my whole heart in it. I offer the trusty basics such as:

• Clipping and Washing
• Nail Cutting
• Ear Cleaning
• Trimming Around:
• Paws
• Ears
• Loose Ends
• Face and Mouth

I have also put together a special packaged deal which I call “The Works” that include all of the services mentioned above along with the following:

• A Full Body Cut
• Patterns or Styles
• Full Leg Trims

At The Grooming Gallery, you will also be able to find many different bathing options which you can choose from to suit your pet’s needs:

• Flea Bath
• Oatmeal Bath
• Wide Array of Premium Shampoos and Conditioners
• Professional Dog Blow Dry

I guaranteed that you will not find a better place for your dog to be pampered and well taken care of than here at my shop. My dog grooming services are unmatched and my rates are unbeatable.